review only within 400... so i write here

Aug 29, 2010 at 7:43 PM

I want to write review, but codeplex say upto 400 char only so i am writing here

Survey Master can be used in two forums; market research and scientific research. Consumers are most familiar with market research. These surveys typically consist of a few demographic questions about your age and gender along with questions about how much you enjoy a particular product or service like laundry soap, a television show or customer service.

The opinion of the public directly affects businesses and how they are run. Companies depend heavily on the consumer’s thoughts and opinions to stay competitive. Surveys and polls provide the perfect outlet for businesses to learn who their consumer is and what they expect.

When used correctly, Survey Master can assist you in determining trends, mathematically calculating the needs of your customers and building a more successful business.

Any good available survey system does not have this fast access as i found in Survey Master

Only one request, if developers can make

visiter, who gives his opinion is not must to register or have to login before it. i think developers must have to provide this thing